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In Mantua, a totally renovated accommodation for volunteers

La progettazione è stata organizzata sulla base dello schema progettuale del Ministero della Difesa.

The design was organized on the basis of the design scheme of the Ministry of Defence.

The modeling was performed with the Building Information Modeling (BIM) methodology until reaching an information development level – LOD “D” (graphicly virtualized entities as a detailed geometric system, highlighting the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of the products and similar); the interface with other specific construction systems has been defined, including the approximate overall dimensions for maneuvering and maintenance.

From a single federated model (architecture, structures and systems), the models were exported in Open Format (IFC), for reading the information on the components of the individual elements.

The area affected by the intervention is a portion of the entire “San Martino” barracks; is located in via Toscani 28, with destination: “Area for public equipment of public and general interest” according to the Government Plan of the city of Mantua.

The design, although “plastered” by the indications and prescriptions dictated by the Contracting Station, has returned a high quality product, in terms of functionality and management, both in terms of plant engineering and architecture, the latter being simple in form, characterized by a composition schematic but adequate in shapes and colors.

The building intended for service accommodation for volunteers, as described above, consists of two buildings (body A and body B), connected to each other by a stairwell/lift for access to all floors.

On the sides of each building, the final design included two steel fire escapes; from an analysis of compliance with fire regulations, and in agreement with the contracting station (see report of 12/10/2020) it was decided not to include the construction of these stairs in the executive design.

The executive design has made the final design its own, and the small changes made are irrelevant from the point of view of the architectural composition and general functions, these changes have in any case been agreed with the S,A.