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Vulnerability analysis and optimization with BIM

Seismic vulnerability verification service, energy diagnosis, geometric, architectural, technological and plant engineering survey to be returned in BIM mode, and any technical-economic feasibility design to be returned in “BIM” mode for certain state-owned assets located in the regions Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta



The service presented has strong connections with those based on the tender, in fact it is a multi-storey public building intended for the GDF company command barracks, with offices, archives, warehouses, services, etc.

Our Services

Architectural design of re-functionalization of building envelope adaptation/improvement (insulation systems, replacement of fixtures, renovation of roofs, etc.) – Building in nZEB class.

Structural design of seismic upgrading through demolition and reconstruction of the roof slab, consolidation of the floor slabs through the insertion of a collaborative lightened reinforced slab and perimeter reinforced curb connected to the existing walls, consolidation of the walls with plaster reinforced with glass fibres, anti-cracking intervention, restoration of elements in c.c.

Design of electrical and special systems – specialized designs: lighting and driving force, video surveillance, anti-intrusion with external perimeter barriers and internal sensors, CCTV system, fire-fighting system, data network, supply systems to the external network.

Design of mechanical systems: mixed type conditioning system (air water), heating and cooling; plumbing system and rainwater recovery; closed circuit solar thermal and forced circulation; fire-fighting system with hydrants, with insertion of a booster pump; water supply network, sewerage, gas supply.

Specific Service Data

The main services rendered concerned: plano-altimetric, geometric, plant engineering, material and degradation survey, crack pattern – site and laboratory investigations – verification of seismic vulnerability – definitive and executive architectural, structural and plant engineering design – C.S.P. – acquisition of opinions, the Works Management and the C.S.E. The works have been completed.

Core drilling on structural elements in reinforced concrete; SONREB (rebound hammer + ultrasound); exploratory essays on masonry elements and reinforced concrete with concrete cover removal; tests with single and double flat jacks, shove tests; foundation essays with rock sampling; geotechnical characterization of the rock mass.